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We're here to help

At Prodeceo, we understand that modernising your training can seem daunting.
We also know that every company has different training needs.

Whatever your training vision, we are here to help you achieve it. Our consultancy services have helped many companies transform their training processes. So whether you are looking to increase training participation, improve training quality or simply reduce training costs we can help.

We begin with a chat

We think the simplest way to understand what you're trying to achieve is with a conversation. We'll listen and see how we can support your vision for your company.

Once we understand, we can then formulate a plan to get the process in motion.

Getting started

To arrange a meeting with a consultant call us on 0845 900 3830.

Consultancy Examples

Training your team

Changing a training process affects everyone in your organisation. Introducing trainees to a new platform can place a significant burden on a training department. We can help by preparing guides and handbooks tailored to your training processes.

If you have a large team of trainers, then getting them all up to speed can be difficult. We have run training sessions for medium and large companies helping them to get their teams started quickly and easily.

Integration with HR software

We have successfully integrated Prodeceo with both well known and custom HR platforms. This has allowed new starters to have accounts created and training assigned from the moment they join your company, as well as removing access to those leaving the company.

If you have software developers in-house then they can take advantage of our public API.

Turn key solutions

If implementing a full online training management system seems like a project that's too big for you, we can help.

We are able to provide a full online training solution that is ready for use with all of your trainees imported and all of your existing materials converted into an online format.