Managing paper-based candidate portfolios can be a difficult task, not to mention a heavy one!

Prodeceo has been designed to support training organisations that offer National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) and Diplomas, by incorportating e-portfolios.

E-portfolios in Prodeceo are easy to manage, and allow you to distribute specifications, templates and multimedia resources to students anywhere in the world quickly and easily.

They can upload their assignments and recieve feedback through the online system, while their progress can be monitored

Top 3 reasons for e-portfolios

There are many reasons for choosing e-portfolios, but these are our top 3:

1: Reduce Costs

Using an e-portfolio can reduce costs by:

  • Minimising travel expenses as assessors do not have to visit candidates to view progress.
  • Reducing student visits. Student visits can be scheduled as required.
  • Maximising assessor productivity. Reducing travel means that more time can be spent assessing portfolios and providing feedback.

2: Visible Progress

At a glance you can see the progress of any candidate, so you can be sure that they are progressing through the course appropriately.

3: Green Credentials

Online portfolios mean less travel and less printing which is good for CO2 emissions.

Implementing e-portfolios

If you think that e-portfolios would help you and your canidates, then contact us at e-portfolios@prodeceo.com or call us on 0845 900 3830.