Prodeceo Videos and screencasts

This page is a collection of all screencasts and videos produced by the Prodeceo team.

Introducing Prodeceo

This short animation explains how Prodeceo can help your business create, deliver and manage training for your staff.

In addition to organising your training Prodeceo stores complete training records for all training activities.

Build courses easily

Prodeceo includes an easy to use e-learning creation tool, which means you can start building online training quickly.

Collecting feedback

Prodeceo asks learners for feedback after every learning activity, so you can refine your materials.

The feedback fields are fully customiseable, so you can ask questions releveant to your training.

Learner management

Creating users is a simple task that can be done quickly.

If you have a large number of users, we also include a batch import tool and an API for those who would like to interface Prodeceo with their other systems.

Creating an assignment

Assignments are a great way to test deeper understanding. Using Prodeceo you can create assignments, upload resources and collect your learners submissions.

Learner groups

Creating groups of learners enables you to manage and monitor their progress collectively.

Blended learning

Combine your instructor led training with e-learning materials to create effective blended learning programmes.