Classroom Course Email Schedule

Prodeceo sends out a number of emails to attendees before and after a classroom course.

Prior to the course, the learner receives a registration email and a reminder seven days before the start date of the course. If the learner registers within seven days of the start date no reminder is sent

The trainer receives a list of attendees 48 hours before the start of the course. This is the point at which attendees are prevented from deregistering online.

One hour after the course, both the trainer and attendees are invited to leave feedback on the session. They are prompted again after seven days if they have still not left any feedback. The deadline for leaving feedback is 14 days after the session.

The trainer receives a feedback update 48 hours after the session, which can be a useful guide to the attendees' feelings about the session. After feedback closes completely the trainer receives a further email with all feedback left.

The email schedule is explained in the diagram below.

Automated email timeline.

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Classroom Courses

Author: Adam Chester (last updated 05/08/2014)