Trainee Roles

Prodeceo has a number of different trainee roles, which can be assigned to your trainees. Each of these roles can perform different actions within Prodeceo.


A delegate may only complete assigned training. They may not elect to take courses from the online self-service library or register to attend instructor led training sessions.

The delegate role is useful for training companies who are using Prodeceo to manage their training and for organisations who have part-time employees who should be invited to training.


This role enables a user to take online courses and exams, register for classroom based courses and view their training records. Users who have this role assigned may choose to use the self service course library.

This is the default level of user access granted to Prodeceo users.

Line Manager

A line manager has all of the functionality of a trainee, but also has the following additional permissions:

By creating users with a line manager role some of the burden of the training manager can be removed as line managers can choose the most appropriate training for their team members.


Users at this role have all of the permissions of a line manager, except they may be scheduled to run training sessions.

Training Manager

A training manager can do all of the trainer's activities and in addition create online courses and exams, add new and update existing trainees. They may also choose dates to run classroom based courses.

Account Admin

Users who are allocated the role of account admin can do all of the training managers activities and in addition can change the account settings such as the Prodeceo subscription, the address of the training site and the site customisation.

The user who first registers a Prodeceo account is automatically assigned the role of Account Admin. Additional account admin roles can be assigned as required.

One admin user must remain in the account at all times, the system will not allow you to remove the only admin user.

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Author: Adam Chester (last updated 25/06/2014)