Health and Safety Training Records

Keeping accurate records of your health and safety training is essential. This helps to cover you in the event of an accident and also helps you plan refresher training as required.

Storing these records is an important task, and not one that should be forgotten. In the event of an industrial accident the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) will look at both the environment in which the accident occurred and the training provided to staff before the accident.

An employee recently attempted to sue us after an accident at work. We were able to prove that they had received the required training a month before the accident and the claim was dropped. All thanks to Prodeceo! Mr H, Prodeceo customer in the engineering sector

How can Prodeceo help?

Prodeceo keeps an permanent record of all training undertaken by your staff, so that you can demonstrate your commitment to health and safety. Your training records are stored securely offsite and are available to you anywhere in the world.

In addition to keeping your records, Prodeceo is the perfect tool to create training courses on specific workplace tasks and deliver them online.