Hawksmoor Case Study

Company Name Hawksmoor Hydrotherapy
Industry Sector Veterinary Hydrotherapy Training
Trainees 100 per academic year
Company Biography

Hawksmoor Hydrotherapy and Training Centre is a training centre situated in Warwickshire who provide high quality hydrotherapy training for people working with small animals. In addition to training, there is a busy rehabilitation centre offering hydrotherapy for veternary referrals.

Website www.hawksmoorhydrotherapy.com
Written by Sara Marlow, Centre Manager at Hawksmoor Training.

Why did you choose Prodeceo?

We were looking for something that our learners would find easier to use than our previous Moodle training portal.

Prodeceo also offers us much more scope to provide multimedia resources to our distance learners on the Diploma course.

How easy has it been to move to Prodeceo from your previous LMS?

Incredibly easy. We have had not problem introducing this system to learners who had used the previous system and also to members of staff. Lots of learners have said that they find the new system easier to use.

How do your learners find using Prodeceo?

They find it straightforward which is great as a number of our learners are returning to education after a career break or for a career change and are daunted by the prospect of using something like this. We give them a step-by-step guide when they start and they seem to be fine.

What is your favourite feature of Prodeceo?

There are three. The ease with which you can upload resources like videos for learners to use for their assignments, how simple it is to allocate training programmes to learners and the intuitive design which makes submission a stress free experience for learners.

How will Prodeceo help you change your training over the next 12 months?

Prodeceo has already changed our training as it is so versatile and user friendly that it has significantly reduced the time I spend helping learners submit assignments through the LMS. This means I can spend more time working with learners and creating new resources.