Optimax Case Study

Company Name Optimax
Industry Sector Medical
Trainees 360
Company Biography

Established in 1991, Optimax is one of the most experienced refractive surgery providers in the UK with 27 clinics nationwide.

Optimax offer a wide range of specialist refractive treatments in order to offer their patients the treatment that will provide them with the best possible results. These treatments include Laser Eye Surgery, Implantable Contact Lenses, Refractive Lens Exchange, Cataract Eye Surgery and Corneal Cross Linking.

Website www.optimax.co.uk
Written by Nicola, Training Officer at Optimax.

Why did you choose Prodeceo?

As a company we had been on the lookout for a Learning Management System for a while, one that could cater for us as an SME and still allow us to maintain creative/editorial control in creating online training courses and simplify learner management.

I discovered Prodeceo at the Learning Technologies exhibition where Adam And Matthew took the time to explain how the system could help my department and benefit our company. We held followup meetings to further discuss the implementation process.

Prodeceo was the LMS for us! We went live to trainees in June 2014. Since then Prodeceo has provided us with an excellent product and service that saves us a huge amount of admin effort and gives us the ability to deliver comprehensive training programmes via blended learning in a cost effective and time efficient manner.

How easy has it been to introduce Prodeceo to your organisation?

With the help of the efficient Prodeceo team and the site itself, it has been really easy to introduce Prodeceo into our organisation so far. We started using Prodeceo for our induction courses (online courses, online exams etc.) and have since started to use it to assign our staff to classroom courses and record training.

How do your learners find using Prodeceo?

Our learners are really enjoying using Prodeceo, and how easy it is to use and to follow.

What is your favourite feature of Prodeceo?

That’s a tough question. My favourite feature is the training programmes function, which is where you can combine your online courses, classroom courses and exams to create a specific training programme e.g. different induction programmes for clinic and non-clinic staff. Then you only have to assign the training programme rather than each of the individual programmes.

How has Prodeceo improved your organisation's compliance tracking?

As it records the training automatically and you can add external courses that have been completed, you can easily run reports and within a couple of seconds you can see who has done what training and who needs what training, which is a lot easier than my previous methods. This allows you to keep on top of who needs what mandatory training.

How will Prodeceo help you change your training over the next 12 months?

Over the next 12 months, with the help of Prodeceo and the ability for the courses to be self-service, we will be setting up a range of small online courses for our staff and their managers to take their own learning and development into their own hands.

Any other comments?

I would like to thank Adam, Matthew and everyone else at Prodeceo for their time and effort in helping us towards our goal of becoming a more efficient training department.