Autosaving Feedback

Some of you have mentioned that you like writing feedback during an instructor led session rather than at the end.

To help with this we have added two features to the feedback page. Firstly there is now a save as draft button which means that you can leave the feedback page to add or remove an attendee part way through the day. All of you feedback will be ready to go when you come back

The second feature automatically saves your feedback every two minutes, so that if anything happens (pulling your laptop off the desk or spilling a bottle of water) your feedback won't be lost.

Autosave for feedback.

These were fantastic suggestions from our clients- if you know what you want from your LMS then please let us know!

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Dr Adam Chester is a cofounder of Prodeceo.

He is excited about empowering Training Managers and Learning and Development professionals with technology that is easy to use.

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