Preventing Personal Injury Claims Through Training

A significant number of personal injury claims are made on the basis of inadequate training. Good training processes and accurate record keeping can demonstrate your organisation's commitment to health and safety.

Personal injury claims can have a serious cost to your company, not only financially but also to your reputation.

Prevention is always better than cure and your first action should always be to minimise the risk of an accident occurring. There are two components to this training and protective equipment.

As an employer you need to demonstrate that you have:

Simply doing all of these things is not enough unless it is recorded accurately. Many companies are acutely aware of the need for training but they are leaving themselves exposed due to poor recording practices.

We can help reduce your risk of personal injury claims by keeping accurate training records online. To sort out your training records contact us on 0845 900 3830.

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Dr Adam Chester is a cofounder of Prodeceo.

He is excited about empowering Training Managers and Learning and Development professionals with technology that is easy to use.

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