The A-Z of Training: U is for Underdeveloped

One of the biggest problems facing organisations today is developing their staff. This is a well-known issue to HR, Training, and Learning and Development managers, but making the organisation take notice can be tough.

The most common reason given for underdevelopment is cost, however I have found that it is more often the case that time is the limiting factor (see our article T is for Time). Where workforces have been pared back, it can be difficult to justify time for personal development where there are looming deadlines and a full week.

For the individual this leads to frustration, as their skills remain static, while they continue to perform the same role week after week. In fact lack of development opportunities is one of the key reasons that people leave positions- further increasing the load on the HR team.

A well thought out training needs analysis could help identify and prioritise areas for development. Tackling the highest priority items can lead to huge gains in performance and personal satisfaction.

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Dr Adam Chester is a cofounder of Prodeceo.

He is excited about empowering Training Managers and Learning and Development professionals with technology that is easy to use.

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