The A-Z of Training: Y is for Yield

As learners begin to access your materials in a more on demand style are you ready to yield control of their learning to them?

Modern technologies allow you to distribute your learning experiences around the world from the comfort of the office and report on them on the train home. These new technologies mean that you can benefit from enthusiastic learners who spend time developing themselves.

In our training A-Z we have seen a number of articles encouraging you to enable self directed learning in your organisation. While most L&D professionals see this as a good thing, some have difficulty in letting go of the direct management of learners.

I personally see this occurring most in environments with heavy regulation and compliance requirements. This is understandable given the consequences that can arise from non-compliance. Where employees are empowered to control their own learning and understand its implications from personal and company perspectives then facilitating development becomes easier.

Yielding control of learning and personal development shares the workload between you and the learner helping to increase engagement and participation.

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Dr Adam Chester is a cofounder of Prodeceo.

He is excited about empowering Training Managers and Learning and Development professionals with technology that is easy to use.

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