Adding Multiple Trainees

Prodeceo makes it easy to add multiple users at once, so you don't have to add them all individually.

To add multiple users, select trainees from the people menu. This screen lists all of your current trainees.

Add trainees button
The import trainees button.
Click on the button to begin adding multiple users.

You should then enter the email addresses of the trainees that you would like to add, one email address per line.

After entering all of your trainee email addresses you may choose to add them to existing groups, or create a new group by entering a new group name in the text field.

After clicking on the register trainees button your trainees will be sent an email asking them to complete their own profile, so you won't have to.

If you enter email addresses for trainees who already have Prodeceo accounts, they will be added to any groups that you specify using their existing accounts.

If you need futher assistance please contact us.

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Author: Adam Chester (last updated 29/04/2013)