Short Courses for E-learning!

Posted by Adam Chester on 23/05/2014 at 10:46

In case you missed it, our guide to using short courses "Feed Your Workforce Little and Often" is available now on TrainingZone.

The guide covers the reasoning behind short courses, what to put into them and includes 5 top tips for using them effectively

You can download a free copy by clicking here.

Prodeceo is the ideal platform to create and deliver short training courses that your team can refer to. If you'd like to discuss how we can get your organisation started contact us.

The A-Z of Training: D is for Development

Posted by Adam Chester on 21/05/2014 at 09:39

The majority of readers of this blog would agree that development is essential, but I think that it has something of an image problem.

In some professions there is an expectation that its members will continue to develop they skills and knowledge throughout their careers. For others external changes e.g. new regulations or changes in the law dictate that they must keep up to date in order to continue practicing.

The Developmentally Disaffected

Outside of this however, there are a relatively large number of people who do not engage in their own active development. They do not see any reasons for improving their skills and are not motivated by the prospect of enhancing their knowledge. How can we help the disaffected employees re-engage with their own development? I see a couple of main reasons for this:

  • A perceived lack of opportunity after developing;
  • A lack of appealing development opportunities.

In the first instance I think that we can facilitate development by offering additional reasoning beyond the development itself. Suggesting how the training could be useful and offering some scope to put the development into practice afterwards gives the learner a purpose for their development.

It can be difficult to know what to offer in the way of development opportunities, especially where there are financial constraints. If you have employees who are looking for development that cannot be delivered within the organisation (and no budget for external training), you could consider allowing them some self-study time to explore the area using available resources. Before doing this though it is a good idea to set some expectations on time spent and what the outcomes of such development might be.

Every individual will have different ambitions, strengths and weaknesses so creating a comprehensive development programme is a difficult task. I have found previously that canvassing employee suggestions and ideas can help as it allows you to gather together all of their requirements and align them with business objectives.

If you have successfully re-engaged your team members with their development, then leave your hints and tips in the comments below.

Learning and Performance Institute Accreditation

Posted by Adam Chester on 19/05/2014 at 13:16

We are delighted to announce that Prodeceo has been accredited by the Learning and Performance Institute. We have been accredited as a Learning Technologies Provider, which means that you are in capable hands.

The accreditation process was rigorous and helped to identify areas in which we can make Prodeceo even better. We look forward to getting some of these ideas into practice soon.

In the meantime if you'd like some help with transforming your training delivery or need some advice on how to engage your workforce please get in touch.

The A-Z of Training: C is for Compliance Training

Posted by Adam Chester on 14/05/2014 at 09:00

For many organisations compliance training forms the minimum training requirements for any role.

Generally this type of training ensures that employees operate within the laws and regulations that are applicable to their role. Failing to deliver compliance training potentially creates a legal liability for your company.

Some legislation (for example the Disability Discrimination Act) ensures that all current and future employees are treated fairly and are not discriminated against on the basis of disability. In any organisation reducing discrimination leads to a happier and more productive team.

Finally delivering and recording this training accurately can help in proving that a company is not at fault where an individual fails to comply with legal or regulatory processes, despite receiving appropriate training.

How does your company manage compliance training? Do you think you could be doing it better?

The A-Z of training: B is for Blended Learning

Posted by Adam Chester on 07/05/2014 at 09:00

Blended learning has been talked about for a long time amongst the e-learning and training communities. Many of you are probably already delivering blended learning even if you've never heard of the term!

There are many definitions of blended learning, but the idea that is central is that training is delivered through multiple channels, for example some training is classroom based, while other training is delivered online. The hope is that trainees are more receptive to training when it is delivered in a variety of ways.

This also presents challenges for the trainer. Consideration must be given as to which training best suits a given medium. Online training can be great for a wide variety of training requirements, however is a super whizzy 3D tour a replacement for walking new starters round the office? Of course not! Some training is still best delivered in person.

When I think about training which I've conducted previously I can generally break it down into two categories:

  • Knowledge based training; and
  • Skills based training
All jobs have some knowledge based components, it's the knowing what should be done and how to do it. I have found that this type of training is a good candidate for online training, as it can be written as a process which must be followed.

Skill based training on the other hand, requires discussion and interaction in a way that can be lost online. Even the dreaded role-play can be a useful tool to practice common scenarios, which cannot be stated as simple processes. Leading a training session in the classroom can also give you time to identify and deal with the concerns of your trainees as they arise. This empathy and understanding could not be replaced by a computer.

Because of this, we developed Prodeceo. We think of it as the perfect tool for delivering your online training and also managing your classroom based learning. You can try Prodeceo free for 30 days by clicking here..