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Free Training Workshop - Gloucestershire

Posted by Adam Chester on 30/07/2014 at 13:45

G Acceleration are running a free workshop on capturing training resources and tools to increase engagement. The workshop is aimed at employers, commercial and funded training providers.

The workshop will be held on Wednesday 13th August between 6-8pm in Cheltenham.

To register your place, and find out more visit

Preventing Personal Injury Claims Through Training

Posted by Adam Chester on 24/07/2014 at 10:05

A significant number of personal injury claims are made on the basis of inadequate training. Good training processes and accurate record keeping can demonstrate your organisation's commitment to health and safety.

Personal injury claims can have a serious cost to your company, not only financially but also to your reputation.

Prevention is always better than cure and your first action should always be to minimise the risk of an accident occurring. There are two components to this training and protective equipment.

As an employer you need to demonstrate that you have:

  • Assessed the employee's ability to do the job. You cannot rely solely on references or previous experience, as these may be inaccurate. Ask for copies of relevant certificates where possible.
  • Given regular training so that employees do not forget what they have been taught, or fall into bad habits.
  • Delivered training when there is a change in equipment or processes. We recommend that unless you are replacing equipment for an identical item, training should always be given. This also helps to cover the case for regular training above.
  • Taken reasonable care to make sure that employees are doing their jobs as they have been trained to do so. This might take the form of regular audits or recorded observations.

Simply doing all of these things is not enough unless it is recorded accurately. Many companies are acutely aware of the need for training but they are leaving themselves exposed due to poor recording practices.

We can help reduce your risk of personal injury claims by keeping accurate training records online. To sort out your training records contact us on 0845 900 3830.

How can e-learning improve your classroom training?

Posted by Adam Chester on 21/07/2014 at 12:19

It may seem odd, but adding e-learning to your classroom training can give your learners a one-two that powerfully reinforces your learning objectives.

Make more time

In many organisations, it can be challenging to secure enough time for learning and development. Operational constraints and business needs take priority, reducing the time available for training activities.

By creating an online component to your trianing, you can make the most of the face to face time you have woth your learners. I'd recommend that you use the online resources to cover the mundane topics and use the time saved to discuss the most challenging parts of the topic.

Engage learners differently

Using e-learning affords you the oppertunity to engage learners before you start the course. By interacting with the material online and face to face, they can take a multi faceted view which may help them get a better understanding of the materials and achieve the learning objectives you intended.

Assisting with training needs analysis

While not a substitute for a more indepth training needs analysis, an online quiz or marked interactive activity can help identify areas where learners are struggling or lacking prerequisite knowledge. Armed with this knowledge you can tailor every session to suit the attendees present helping to maxmise their learning experience.


E-learning doesn't have to be seen as competition for traditional training- it can be a huge asset that can help make the most of your time!

New Case Study - Explore Learning

Posted by Adam Chester on 10/07/2014 at 11:21

Explore Learning have completed a case study to talk about how they're using Prodeceo and what their learners think of it.

You can read the case study here.

Time for a new LMS?

Posted by Adam Chester on 30/06/2014 at 17:23

Are your learners disengaged with your LMS? Have you encountered the same error for 100th time? Do you need a hug from an LMS that cares? Then it might just be time to consider a new learning management system.

There are lots of great reasons to switch to a new LMS. New features like mobile compatibility or better reporting are common business needs. On the other hand perhaps your LMS hasn't seen an update in a while and the bugs are becoming frustrating.

If I was drawing up a wish list for an LMS, it would:

  • Be easy to use. For the learners and the instructors.
  • Be cloud based. No IT department needed, and available anywhere in the world.
  • Encourage blended learning. Use the most appropriate medium for each activity.

Fortunately I am able to work on implementing my wish list every day as we develop Prodeceo. We take suggestions from people using the platform everyday and incorporate them to make the LMS better for everyone. If you have a wish list for your perfect LMS- we might already have built it!